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About Us

TCP (Tri County Plastics) is based out Brighton, Ontario, Canada. We've been in the plastics business since 1991  and have been growing ever since. Our clients range from some of the largest companies in the world to smaller regional manufacturers.

One of the key benefits of utilizing TCP's products and services is the fact that our total operation (including business offices and manufacturing) is situated under one roof. We don’t require the services of third party manufacturers because we make what we sell. By doing so, we eliminate the sub-contractor challenges that can delay a shipment or hinder quality control (these challenges are often amplified when dealing with “brokers” who rely on “off-shore” suppliers). Our location is situated next to Ontario’s 401 expressway and minutes away from Canada’s largest business hub (the Greater Toronto area). We can also easily connect with Canada’s cross-country road infrastructure. We’re also a short distance from the U.S. (New York state) border, which means we have easy access to all major roadways in the “lower 48”. If you’re located near a roadway or railway line, within Canada or the continental U.S., you can rest assured your completed order will be at your location within a matter of days instead of weeks (pick up or delivery).





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