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No matter how big or small an order, at Tri County Plastics we consider our customer's needs as our 

top priority, and that's the way we've been doing business since 1991 . We know that quality raw 

materials is the first step in manufacturing a quality finished product, so that's what we provide... QUALITY... at a competitive price.





About Us

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TCP (Tri County Plastics) is based out Brighton, Ontario, Canada. We've been in the plastics business since 1991  and have been growing ever since. Our clients range from some of the largest companies in the world to smaller regional manufacturers. One of the key benefits of utilizing TCP's products and services is.. (...more) 



At TCP,  we offer a long list of plastic based services including:


- Master Batch - Virgin Color








- (...more)




TCP has played an important role when it comes to recycling. 

We offer services and products that help manufacturers keep to their recycling mandate without the risk of compromising the highest industry standards. for recycled product integrity. 


At TCP we offer (...more)









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